Using digital calipers measure the diameter of the filament six to ten times from multiple locations along the filament’s length and input the average into the slicer’s settings.

Example: If using filament advertised as 1.75mm diameter, physical measurements may return; 1.77, 1.75, 1.9, 1.87, 1.81, 1.79 Taking the sum of all measurements and dividing by the number of measurements taken…

(1.77 + 1.75 + 1.9 + 1.87 + 1.81 + 1.79) / 6

…would then result in an average diameter of 1.772mm to be input for a slicing setting or configuration.

Simple Bash script for calculating filament diameter averages

#!/usr/bin/env bash
## by S0AndS0
Var_avarage_calc="(${Var_inputed_diameters// /+})/${Var_arg_length}"
case "${Var_inputed_diameters}" in
                echo "# Usage: ${0##*/} num1 num2 num3 ..."; exit 0
Var_avarage_bc="$(echo "scale=3; ${Var_avarage_calc}" | bc)"
echo "# Avaraging: (${Var_inputed_diameters// /+})/${Var_arg_length}"
echo "${Var_avarage_bc}"